Facebook Group Picks Winning Waterfront Shot 

The Gulfport, Florida in Photos public Facebook group recently held their second “The One!” competition with the theme of “landmark” and guest judge Wendy Ohlendorf selected Kathy Jaeck’s image of the local waterfront at dusk as the 1st-place winner. “The cars in the entire foreground don’t jump out and ruin the art of the photo,” said Ohlendorf. The purpose of the social media group is to have fun while showcasing images taken in or above – think drone – the City of Gulfport, said Eagle Finegan, one of two co-administrators and founders of the group. Members range in skill and expertise from beginners with cell phones to professionals with state-of-the-art DSLRs, she said. “For each competition, a different local guest judge is invited to volunteer to ensure that a variety of perspectives and styles are represented when the winners are selected,” said Debbie Wolfe, the other co-administrator and founder. A variety of sponsors showcase the photos of those photographers who are recognized in the competitions and SIK Promotions of Gulfport takes care of certificate printing in addition to framing and matting for the main winners. “We’re all about having fun with photography and learning from each other while promoting Gulfport,” said Wolfe.

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