Finders Keepers

Terry Foster finds a piece of art by Chris Spencer.

Imagine walking along the streets of Gulfport and seeing a random piece of art hung on a fence, nestled in a clump of palm trees outside a restaurant or propped up on a bench in a park. Now imagine that the art work has a tag on it that reads, “Free art. I’m yours. Take me home.”

Art lovers scoured the city looking for art to take home at the first Gulfport Free Art Friday on March 24, following anonymous clues by the artists with a photo of each piece posted on the Free Art Friday Gulfport Florida Facebook page.

Karen Love saw an artist hint on Facebook and knew exactly where to look. The clue was “The other meaning is building or large room. Pelicans stand sentry. It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, look into the keyhole.” Love got to the front of the Casino at 8:30 a.m. but the event began at 9 a.m. so she stayed in her spot, guarding her prize until she could claim it.

“I knew where the keyhole was and found a wonderful piece by Eagle Finnegan,” says Love. “I’m bouncing off the walls with joy.”

Terry Foster found a creation by Chris Spencer hanging from the fence near the volleyball courts.

“Free Art Fridays are great for local artists, businesses and the community,” says Foster. “The artists get their name out there through the business cards attached to the art, searchers visit the shops and restaurants afterwards and it is fun for everyone.”

Searchers scanned the group Facebook page for clues, and then posted photos of their found art. The event became a community effort with participants trading clues and checking out the art others found.

According to the group’s Facebook page, Free Art Friday is a “massive global free art movement where artists from around the globe are creating original pieces of art for the community to enjoy.”

The next Free Art Friday will be held May 12. For details and to see a sampling of art found at this event, go to Free Art Friday Gulfport Florida on Facebook.

Karen Love followed the artist clue to the Gulfport Casino where she found a piece by Eagle Finegan.


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