Follow the Money in Gulfport’s Ward Three Elections

Here’s who funded your candidates for Gulfport’s Ward Three election. The Gabber has listed larger business donation amounts as well as politically-affiliated amounts. Unless noted, donors reside in Gulfport. Under both cash and in-kind donations, we list business donors first, then private donors.

Ward 3 Candidates

Paul Ray

Loans from candidate: $3,140

Pinellas Realtor Organization ($1,000)
Rosie’s Bar

Denise Dileo
Karla Eschete (St. Petersburg)
Barbara Harv
Terry Kilgore (OH)
Gerald Rocks
Jose Sanchez
Wes Sloat
John Wallace

Wes Sloat

Yolanda Roman

Loans from candidate: $800

CGI/E Corp (NY)
Pinellas County Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus ($50)
R.W. Caldwell, Inc.
Stonewall Democrats ($200)

Anne-Marie Anderson
Judy Baggs
Mike Baggs
Barbara Banno (campaign manager)
Robert Belaski (AZ)
Nancy Colon (St. Petersburg)
Linda Dezwaan
Karean Dorn
Kim Faust
Maria Ferrerra (Oakland Park, FL)
Leslie Freman (Dunedin)
Nancy Hudson
Nancy Kelley
Cheryl Krupnick (NH)
Eileen Lingo (PA)
Lloyd Mason
Gabriel Maldonado (Maitland)
Gerry O’Regan
Frances Perez
Janice Pertoso (CT)
Charlotte Pownay
Jean Proach
Thomas Reis (IN)
Leonardo Robledo
Angel Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez
William Seawall
Frank Turner (CA)
Toni Walker
Mildred Wallace
In-Kind Donations
Beach Bazaar
Captain K’s Bait and Tackle
Pia’s Trattoria
Todd Jones Pottery

Anne-Marie Anderson
Dave Falwell
Doug Hudson
Nancy Kelley
Mary O’Malley
Gerry O’Regan
Owen Pach
Frances Perez
Charlotte Pownay
Leonardo Robledo
William Seawall
Jonathan Wallace
Jolie Wallace (Sunny Isles, FL)
Julian Wallace (PA)

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