Food Forest Event Draws Green Thumbs

dsc_0049Kimberly Shook of Gulfport shows off some of the seeds she brought to share at the Gulfport Food Forest’s educational event held Saturday, November 26 at the Catherine Hickman Theater. Scores showed up to learn about sustainable agriculture and share in a bountiful meal of wholesome foods prepared by residents and local restaurants.

“Our goal tonight is to raise awareness for our Gulfport seed library,” Food Forest organizer Crea Egan told those assembled. “This is how we share our knowledge and wisdom to grow our own food.”

Shook, a Food Forest volunteer, brought a variety of seeds to share, including okra, basil, sunflower and popcorn. “Pretty soon, if we don’t keep doing this, we’re not going to have access to seeds that haven’t been genetically modified,” Shook said.


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