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Four Candidates Clamor for Two South Pasadena Commission Seats

On March 11, South Pasadena voters (precinct 214) will elect two commissioners. Incumbents Max V. Elson and Arthur Penny have both declared their candidacy for re-election. Challengers Harris Blair and Robert F. Small have also qualified as candidates for either of the two seats. Voters will choose two of those four men to represent them.

Unlike neighboring St. Pete Beach, Gulfport and St. Petersburg, South Pasadena’s commissioners do not represent specific areas of the city. Instead, each commissioner oversees a different city department, although the department each commissioner oversees may change from year to year.

South Pasadena has 3,561 registered voters and 5,046 residents. Last year 1,168 voters participated in the election; of those votes, 1007 used an absentee ballot to cast their vote before election day.

The election will take place March 11; voters will cast their ballots at city hall (7047 Sunset Drive South).

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