Fresh Market, Fresh Faces 

Mother and son duo, Charlie and Jillian Geneve, blow bubbles for the first and last time at the Gulfport’s Tuesday Market before their move to North Carolina. “We’ve bought like five of these bubble sticks,” Jillian said.

On Tuesday, January 15 the weekly Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market on Beach Boulevard was filled with regular shoppers and visitors sampling the local business that make up Gulfport. 

But not everyone was interested in produce, coffee or crafts. 

Pat Vangilder and nearly two-month-old pug, Dolly, attended the market for some fresh air and socialization. 

“I tell everyone, ‘Say hello to Dolly,’” Vangilder said. 

Jillian and son, Charlie Geneve were marching the Gulfport streets for the last time, bubbles in hand. 

“Funny thing is, we’ve lived here for 24 years, and this is our last market ever,” Jillian said. “We’re moving to North Carolina tomorrow.”

Dolly the pug takes a break from her life at Town Shores of Gulfport to visit the Tuesday Fresh Market on January 15.



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