GetGO Gets Going

Volunteer driver Stan Kreuter of Gulfport poses in front of his GetGO vehicle, which was parked at Tomlinson Park during the Pink Flamingo Tour of Home on Saturday, March 4 awaiting calls from potential passengers. The six-passenger electric vehicle, one of two plying the city’s streets, transports seniors and others within Gulfport’s city limits free of charge. The service made its debut February 25 at the city’s Get Rescued street fair. “There’s a lot of good vibrations,” Kreuter said of the public’s response. “A lot of people are happy it’s come. It’s going to be a good thing once more people find out about it.” The non-profit program, run by the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center Foundation, aims to generate more customers for downtown businesses while easing traffic congestion and parking shortages.  It will also generate income for senior center programs via the sale of ads displayed on the vehicles.


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