Getting on Board

Gulfport City Council consented to nine new board member terms at this past Tuesday’s meeting, April 7.

Mark Epstein, Stephen Rye, Arthur Padula Jr. and Roger Turner were all appointed to serve on Gulfport’s Board of Adjustment. Of the four appointees, three will serve until April 2017. The lone exception is Mark Epstein, whose term expires in April of 2016. Each individual was nominated by a different councilmember: Epstein by Councilmember Brown, Rye by Councilmember Fridovich, Padula Jr. by Councilmember Liedtke, and Turner by Mayor Henderson.

Marjory Milford was reappointed to serve as the Trustee for the Employees’ Pension Board, and Lawrence Tosi Jr. as the Trustee for the Police Officers’ Pension Board. Their terms will be for four years, ending in April and May of 2019, respectively. Both Milford and Tosi Jr. are Gulfport residents, which is a requirement for the position.

The Planning and Zoning Board and the Land Planning Agency, which share board members, saw the appointment of Wesley Whitaker, Jeri Reed, and Rudy Leopold by city council. All three members will serve for a term of two years. The board consists of five members. Each councilmember nominates one member for appointment and council chooses the alternate member. Whittaker was nominated by Councilmember Brown, Reed by Councilmember Fridovich, and Leopold by Mayor Henderson.

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