Good News and a Call to Action

Gulfport Mayor Sam Henderson This month, I come to you with good news and a call to action. The good news is that the City of Gulfport was recently awarded two different grants totaling just over $750,000. The first of these is a federal Brownfields grant for the 49th Street Redevelopment District. These grants are provided to fund environmental investigations, assessments and remediation of potentially contaminated lands. Thanks to the hard work of city staff, we will have $400,000 to address qualifying properties in the 49th Street District.  The other grant of approximately $350,000 has been awarded from the federal and state government for the much needed refurbishment and replacement of the Casino docks. Congratulations to the City of Gulfport for securing these highly sought after funds!

The call to action this month is for a truly worthy cause – the Neighborly Care Network. This group is in need of delivery drivers for the Meals on Wheels Program, and particularly this summer when many of the regular volunteers have headed north for cooler weather. I have picked up a Friday shift through August, and I am hoping to gather reliable volunteers to share the load. If you are interested in helping, please call (727) 573-9444 to get started. Deliveries are handled through the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center, Monday through Friday, and all volunteers are welcome. Thank you, and have a great June.

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