Grand Central Comes to Party

Cal Henry, Lea Campbell and Spencer Barnes of WD-HAN perform on Saturday, January 13 at the 4th Annual Grand Central Block Party. The band name stands for “we don’t have a name.” “Mandy reached out to us from Community Café,” said Marjoyre Henry, band manager. “We play a lot out here in St. Pete and we love supporting the community here, so we said sure!”

The 4th Annual Grand Central Block Party celebrated all things local on Saturday, January 13. From 2 to 7 p.m., locals and business owners huddled up and bundled up, embracing the cold and buying and browsing local goods. Vendors included jewelry, local art, and vintage clothing, plus street-side entertainment from DeLaran, WD-HAN, Infinite Eights, Infinite Third and more.

“I love bringing local musicians, local vendors, and local businesses all together. That’s my favorite thing in life,” said Mandy Keyes, owner of Community Café. The café started the block party or “Grandiversary,” as Keyes calls it, four years ago to celebrate the shop’s first birthday with other business and patrons nearby. Four years later the party has grown considerably, stretching from the corner of 24th Street North and Central Avenue and stopped at 25th Street North.


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