Green Frog Moon Festival Celebrates Historic Land

Anthony Aleman of West Wind Vibes, with backup from his 7-year-old son Dili, plays a handcrafted didgeridoo onstage at the Green Frog Moon Festival. The festival was a musical benefit for Sacred Lands, and featured a variety of other musical genres such as Celtic, Native Style Flute, and drums, as well as vendors, food and a silent auction over two days from March 14 through 15. “Thank you to all the people who came out,” says festival organizer and director Sandra Hunt. “I know these are trying times but it was outdoors and it was a beautiful weekend and I hope that all that shared in it enjoyed!” Tucked away in a historical corner of the Jungle Prada neighborhood at 1700 Park St. N., Sacred Lands Preservation and Education now offers professional tours of the grounds including the secluded gardens and the site of a prehistoric native village. Hear about Spanish explorers, wildlife of the area (including peacocks who roam freely), contemporary indigenous spiritual practices, fragrant and edible plants, and salt water’s effect on environmental habitat.

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