Growing Community

Soil and cardboard. On September 20, volunteers at the Gulfport Community Garden (5125 Preston Ave.) laid cardboard over soil to ready the garden for the community.

The garden, temporarily forgotten, experienced a revival when Barbara Matthews approached the city in January to ask if she could undertake the project. Since then, volunteers met to plan and organize the layout as well as the garden’s needs.

“This is the first major thing we’ve done,” co-organizer Camille Dianco said.

Volunteer Jackie Wildey lives in north St. Petersburg but traveled south to Gulfport for the work day because “this is where the community garden is,” she said.

Wildey called gardening “therapeutic” and explained she was “completely into community gardening and sustainability.”

The Gulfport Community Garden seeks a pre-built shed roughly eight feet by ten feet. Volunteer Mike Hanson says if someone donates a wood shed, it will make it easier for him to modify.

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