Gulfport: Big Trash Cans

Q: Have you been getting an earful about the giant trash cans that are too heavy for most Gulfport residents to move? A lady on my street wanted to know if anyone was getting fired because we don’t need people to pick up the trash anymore.

A: The Gabber hasn’t received any complaints about the larger trash cans Gulfport’s giving some neighborhoods to use (instead of the user-provided ones of varying shapes and sizes), but Public Works Director Don Sopak tells us people can request two 40-gallon trash containers instead of the 90-gallon ones, which he says a few people have done.

The automated trucks do require fewer workers per truck.

“These employees are being used to perform extra picks, stormwater and street work,” Sopak says. While the city hasn’t fired anyone because of the need for fewer sanitation workers on these routes, since Gulfport started these automated trash pickups in 2009, “we have reduced the work force by three positions due to attrition,” says Sopak.

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