Gulfport Blvd Businesses Show Off

dsc_0495Did you realize there are at least 46 businesses on Gulfport Boulevard in the nine-block span between 49th and 58th streets south? Shops offering services ranging from tax preparation and massage to solar systems and real estate held an open house Friday and Saturday, November 4 and 5, to help the community get to know them. Visitors were encouraged to visit each one and collect stickers; those who collected all 46 were entered in a drawing for prizes. The photo shows Mary Oliver of Canada, who winters in Gulfport, with 13 stickers on her sheet, one for each business she had already stopped by. “It’s a great opportunity to visit different places you haven’t been to before,” Oliver said. “It’s a good idea to promote the area.” She was chatting with Maria Baker, owner of Sweet-Tea Celebrations at 5325 Gulfport Blvd., which serves lunch and afternoon tea. The event was organized by Patricia Williams Preaster of Massage with a Healing Touch.

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