Gulfport: Campers in Driveways

Q: Am I in the wrong for having a 14′ camper in my driveway? – Faun Weaver, via Facebook

A: If you registered it with the city before the exemption period ended on January 2 you can. The city opted to start enforcing existing setback rules, but to minimize tensions allowed for one-time exemptions for RV that didn’t meet the current rules. The exemption applies only to the specific owner, property, and RV. The city also changed the rules to limit people to having one RV per property.

“I tried to make contact [with all the RVs I saw],” Code Enforcement Officer Bruce Earling said, noting that he contacted over 100 RV owners.

A camper is considered as an RV and with that must meet the regulations set forth in Chapter 21 of the Code of Ordinances. If an RV can meet the setback requirements and other requirements of Chapter 21 then a permit can be issued. If the RV cannot meet these regulations then it will be in violation and must be removed.

The city is no longer issuing exemption permits.

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