Gulfport Chickens Poop and Peck for Charity 

Chicken Drop Bingo was a new money-raising event for the non-profit Gulfport Neighbors on Saturday, June 16 during the Tampa Bay Beach Bums volleyball competition on Gulfport Beach. At about 4 p.m., volunteers used a fenced-in, spray-painted bed sheet, some breadcrumbs and two Gulfport chickens to stage the event next to the flag pole near pavilion two. Participants bought tickets based on numbered squares and the winner of the grand prize was determined by where either chicken chose to relieve itself first. After about 10 minutes, Sandy, the Rhode Island Red bird on the right, chose square number 38. Her team member, Booty, a Black Sex Link chicken, preferred to focus on pecking at the breadcrumbs. Proceeds from the group’s fundraising efforts were donated to the Thomas Family Tangerine Fire Fund. For more information about the fund, visit

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