Gulfport Council to Consider Marriage Equality

Spurred by Gulfport’s Ward Three Councilwoman Yolanda Roman’s request, at the August 19 Gulfport City Council meeting council voted 3-2 to pass a resolution supporting marriage equality.

Mayor Sam Henderson – who, in his first year as mayor, championed writing personal letters instead of passing council-wide resolutions that involved lengthy public discussion and, often, discord – allowed Roman to speak and subsequent public comment before asking the council if it wished to break its self-imposed “no resolutions on things we can’t control” rule.

“Mayor, you don’t have to ask our permission,” Ward One Councilmember Dan Liedtke said. “We said no resolutions, so what’s the procedure now if we go forward?”

Both the mayor and Liedtke opposed; each stressed it was the passing of any resolution, rather than the issue of marriage equality, to which they objected.

After the vote, Liedtke said if the council would add wording pressuring President Obama to quiz other national leaders to answer for any discriminatory human rights policies, he would feel better about the resolution.

Roman responded by suggesting Liedtke was “politicizing” support for marriage equality.

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