Gulfport Gets Smart with New App

Gulfport's new app will feature many different ways for people to interact with the city. (Image not from official app.)

Gulfport’s new app will feature many ways for people to interact with the city. (Image not from official app.)

Gulfport is one step closer to a citywide app that will make living in town easier and more enjoyable than ever, according to city officials.

David Mather, Gulfport’s library administrator and IT director, spoke about the benefits of the highly anticipated Gulfport app prior to meeting with the developers on December 29.

“Many people go to a new city, and the first thing they do is see if it has an app,” Mather said. “An app is pretty essential and it will be specially branded just for Gulfport.”

The app will be developed by GovQA, which provides apps for other cities around the country such as Austin, Texas.

“We looked at several companies,” Mather said. “And GovQA were well equipped to cater to a small city.”

Some features of the app include a ticketing system and a feature that will allow residents to report problems to the proper city officials.

Issues like graffiti and potholes can be photographed and instantly sent to the proper city department to be dealt with. The app will even let the city know where it is by pinpointing the location, Mather says.

“See, click, fix” Mather calls it.

Mather stated that the app will feature widgets such as weather and will also have an alert system that will send notifications out regarding safety concerns and city statuses.

Mather also plans on giving the app capabilities to provided special sections for each city department such as the marina, library, city hall and public works.

A demo of a city app was provided by GovQA and stated “our citywide mobile app can provide citizens with the ability to search an extensive online knowledgebase and has many other capabilities.”

Mather is hopeful that the app will be available within the next month and a half for all to download on various smartphone platforms including Apple, Android and Windows.



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