Gulfport: Gulfport Boulevard

Q: Are there plans to widen Gulfport Boulevard? Who maintains the right-of- ways and easements along Gulfport’s portion of this road?

A: At present, there are no plans to widen the road.

“The project was initially proposed by Pinellas County in 2008,” City Manager Jim O’Reilly said. “Subsequently the project was pushed back / removed from the Pinellas County Capital Improvement Plan due to reduced funding available.”

The county has responsibility for maintaining the right of ways, easements, drainage and crosswalks along the Gulfport section of the road.

Over the past six years, Mayor Sam Henderson has asked Commissioner Ken Welch for help reinstating the project, and Ward Four Councilman Michael Fridovich has asked Commissioner Charlie Justice for the same.

O’Reilly said the city “would like to see the project once again included and scheduled in the county’s five – ten year Capital Improvement Program.” Specifically, the city wants the county to mill, or repave, the road. It also would like the county to make drainage and right-of-way improvements along the corridor, O’Reilly said.

The county, however, has yet to agree to those — or any — improvements. “I have not been apprised nor do I believe the commissioners have committed to anything at this time,” O’Reilly said Monday afternoon.

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