Gulfport in Six Words

Lynne Brown looks on as John Avery reads his entry “Wedding at Williams Pier; love endures.”

Could you describe Gulfport in just six words? Over 100 people took the challenge to describe the town they love in the Circle of Friends of the Gulfport Public Library’s Six Word Challenge.

“Dogs, cats, parrots and a goat.” “At first glance, this is home.” “Strange but no one a stranger.”

These were just a few of the entries read during the Six Words Challenge event at the Gulfport Library on December 8. The two-hour celebration included refreshments and live music by Sherry and Mike.  Beth Jackson put the winning entries to music which she sang prior to the winners being announced.

“It was really fun to read all the entries,” said organizer Lynne Brown of the Circle of Friends. “We got 143 entries and they’re still coming in.”

Those who entered the contest and were in attendance read their submissions. The six winners were announced by Gulfport Vice Mayor Michael Fridovich and were given a gift certificate to choose a book of their choice from the Circle of Friends bookstore.

Angie Aponte from South Pasadena and Marion Cheslock of Gulfport wait for the program to begin. Aponte’s entry was “Everyone celebrates diversity; come join us.” Cheslock’s description of Gulfport was “My Gulfport journey; what a blast!”

The six winning entries are:

Love little city with big heart. — Gail Biron

Sunny, rainy, windy. Lovely. Forever charming. — Tom Cairns

Found our Florida’s heart in Gulfport. — David Cadogan

Openly gay. Openly straight. Openly Gulfport. — Greg Stemm

Bay water overflows. Fish on roads. — Karen Thompson

Came to visit. Never went back. — Anonymous

Read all entries to the 6 Word Challenge:

  1. Panthers and Moons, Stillwagon ultimate venture.    Michael O’Toole
  2. Festival throngs voices singular culminating crescendo.   Michael O’Toole
  3. Palms murmuring, bays sails quietly whispering.   Michael O’Toole
  4. Moody secrets held close. . . spring . . . sunshine.   Michael O’Toole
  5. We are the village it takes.   Lynne Brown
  6. Love little city with big heart.   Gail Biron WINNER
  7. Gulf water’s edge. Diverse smiles. Community.    Chris Stanley
  8. Sand. Friendly hearts. Charming village.    Chris Stanley
  9. Small town. Big art. Good eats.    Chris Stanley
  10. Icy fingers wrap around your throat.    Megan
  11. Green, friendly birds. Bayou. Open, supportive.    Nancy Robinson
  12. New equipment.  Gulfport gets fit.  Come.    Nancy Robinson
  13. Snake stares transfixed.  Girl stares transfixed.    Nancy Robinson
  14. Birding trail in Gulfport?  Indeed.  Precious.    Nancy Robinson
  15. Abandoned newborn raccoon rescued.  What happened?    Nancy Robinson
  16. Sunny, rainy, windy. Lovely, forever charming.    Tom Cairns WINNER
  17. Everyone celebrates diversity. Come join us.    Angie Aponte
  18. Nostalgic, welcoming, creative, dynamic, diversified, modest.    Charles Shafer
  19. Lost, found paradise, happily ever after.    Karen Love
  20. Casino: cool music sparkling bay dancing.    Maggie Gouldin
  21. Quirky, fresh market, gentle breeze . . . Delicious!    Maggie Gouldin
  22. Town Shores winter heated pools paradise.    Maggie Gouldin
  23. Magnificent views a little good news!    Maggie Gouldin
  24. Wedding at Williams Pier. Love endures.    John Avery
  25. Green Casino. Trolley ghosts. Tongues speak.    John Avery
  26. Childhood memories. Gulfport beach. No Bayway.    John Avery
  27. Friday night. O’Maddy’s. Pete and Dean.    John Avery
  28. Our Sweet Mayberry by the Sea.    Geri Eaton
  29. Found our Florida’s heart in Gulfport. D.    Cadogan WINNER
  30. Gulfport Pier. In Love. 1974.    Barbara Daugherty
  31. Mayberry, Blueberry, beach, birds, serenity, longevity.    Dianne Hargitai,
  32. Colorblind, gender-blending, young, retired, refired. Diversity.    Dianne Hargitai
  33. Young, old, square, round, dogs…welcome.    Phil Penrose
  34. Craft shop…YES, Chain store…NO.    Phil Penrose
  35. Slot machines?  Not in this Casino.    Phil Penrose
  36. A welcoming haven for society’s outcasts.    Rob McCabe
  37. Gulfport forever, weird, wonderful and wild.    Molly Ellowis
  38. Destination Gulfport, the best of Old Florida.    L. Faunce
  39. Get to Gulfport and get transported.    M.L. Faunce
  40. Gulfport welcomes you; no parking meters.    M.L. Faunce
  41. The Bay, the Gulf, and Gulfport.     M.L. Faunce
  42. Gulfport Welcomes All, and Your Dog.     M.L. Faunce
  43. Gulfport, Open For Business and You.     M.L. Faunce
  44. Visit.  Stay.  Sit.  Relax.  Live.     M.L. Faunce
  45. Florida’s Best Kept Secret.  Get Gulfported.     M.L. Faunce
  46. Gulfport, Florida — for the good times.     M.L. Faunce
  47. Gulfport, better than all the rest.     M.L. Faunce
  48. Play, Shop, Dine, Dance – Gulfport, Florida .     M.L. Faunce
  49. Arts Village, Dining Destination, that’s Gulfport.     M.L. Faunce
  50. Destination Gulfport- Where Past Meets Present.     M.L. Faunce
  51. Local, before local was cool.  Gulfport.      M.L. Faunce
  52. Gulfport, Florida.  Everything local.  Everything  Real.     M.L. Faunce
  53. Gulfport:  real Florida, not an imitation.     M.L. Faunce
  54. Get to Gulfport, Get the Real Thing.     M. L. Faunce
  55. Get Real.  Get to Gulfport, Florida.     M.L. Faunce
  56. Rearview window. Bluejay, fighting his reflection.     Linda Kavy
  57. Little red truck. Dream come true.     Linda Kavy
  58. Petrified Florida pine. Bug free living.     Linda Kavy
  59. Tap tap tap. Cardinal at window.     Linda Kavy
  60. Stray kitty. Tuna. Purr purr purr.     Linda Kavy
  61. Longtime Gulfport resident. Luckiest girl alive.     Linda Kavy
  62. Always something interesting to do here.     Anonymous child.
  63. The hippies were right. Community consciousness.     MaryEllen Reichard
  64. Oasis in middle of St. Pete.     MaryEllen Reichard
  65. Funky eclectic Gulfport.  Mayberry on acid.     Susan Bullard
  66. Goofy Gulfport Geckos Go Galloping Gaily.     Greg Stemm
  67. Wacky.  Waltzing.  Waterfront. Welcoming. Wonderful!     Greg Stemm
  68.  Artists.  Hippies.  Diversity is cool!     Greg Stemm
  69. Pets Are Welcome.  People Are Too!     Greg Stemm
  70. This Town’s Character Just Drips Charm.     Greg Stemm
  71. Too Weird for Gulfport?  You’re Nuts!     Greg Stemm
  72. Caring People.  Marking Art.  It’s Home!     Greg Stemm
  73. Openly Gay.  Openly Straight.  Openly Gulfportian!     Greg Stemm WINNER
  74. Artistically Celebrating Diversity.  Festively Creating Community!     Greg Stemm
  75. The Gulfport Family Welcomes All People.     Greg Stemm
  76. Cats. Parrots.  And A Goat!       Greg Stemm ALTERNATE WINNER FOR #111, Anonymous
  77. Yummy Food.  Eclectic Shops.  Quirky People.     Greg Stemm
  78. All are Welcome Here.  You Too!     Greg Stemm
  79.  Flamingos.  Fairies.  Gulfport Loves Celebrations!     Greg Stemm
  80. A Rainbow of People and Places!     Greg Stemm
  81. Gulfport, you’re so hot, you’re cool!      Jude Bagatti
  82. Clam Bayou, we stand by you.      Jude Bagatti
  83. Dancing leaf landing on a pedestal.     Karen Kommer
  84. Gulfport, Florida – Artsy, but not Fartsy.     Donald Heacox
  85. Quirky, playful Geckoland. Cozy bayside paradise.     Susan Gore
  86. New friends, good friends, forever friends.      Simson Unterberger
  87. Best kept secret for locals’ enjoyment!     Marsha Shulman
  88. Small Town. Big Heart. Fantastic People.     Stacey Purcell for Beverley Ward
  89. Strange but no one a stranger.     Phyllis Plotnick
  90. Our Town crossed with Peyton Place.     Richard Freed
  91. Lovable, picturesque, homey, seaside community.     Mary Jane Hukalowicz
  92. Technology swallows young minds, no memories.     Karen Thompson
  93. Scent of flowers, sunset, majic winds.     Karen Thompson
  94. God’s great gift. Tinsel, lights instead.      Karen Thompson
  95. Talking boxes, young minds, family disconnect.      Karen Thompson
  96. Bubbling water, not springs, overflow streets.      Karen Thompson
  97. Bay water overflows. Fish on roads.      Karen Thompson WINNER
  98. Buying, supplying, children smiling. Christmas cheer.      Karen Thompson
  99. New haircut! Birds overhead . . . Ahh! Poop!      Sandy Yarish
  100. Caring, charming, classy, community creative.      Thomas J. Barker, Jr.
  101. The same. Together. Everyone welcome.      Thomas J. Barker, Jr.
  102. My Gulfport journey…what a blast!      Marion Cheslock
  103. Nitelife, art, fun.   All in one.      Marion Cheslock
  104. Singing, laughing, walking.  Passed house!      Marion Cheslock
  105.’s my “go-to” City!      Marion Cheslock
  106. Much a’do about everything in Gulfport!      Marion Cheslock
  107. Colorful, charming, casual characters congregate cordially.      Verna McClain,
  108. Holiday, walk, shop, dine, quaint, artsy.      Marianne Keller
  109. Good Gosh Gigantic Googamooga Gulfport’s Great.      Chris Stanley
  110. Beachy bay, big waves, many people.      Betina Hand or Marcia Ferreira
  111. Came to visit. Never went back.       Anonymous WINNER
  112. Why would I live anywhere else?      Anonymous
  113. Eclectic, Energetic, Excitement, Entertainment, Edifying, Enlightenment.      Janis E. Spears
  114. Pelicans, Palms, Peace & tranquility.     Jill Agnew
  115. Sea breeze, sea gulls, serenity.     Jill Agnew
  116. Sunshine, pelicans, salty sea air.     Jill Agnew
  117. Bay breeze, salty ease.      Jill Agnew
  118. Salty sea and Serendipity.      Jill Agnew
  119. A little treasure by the bay.      Jill Agnew
  120. A little nook of the Bay.      Jill Agnew
  121. Time colors rainbows across revealing skies.     Kjames
  122. Friendliest little village in Florida.  Gulfport.      M.L. Faunce
  123. A Main Street called Beach Boulevard.     M.L. Faunce
  124. Gulfport, where furry friends stop traffic.     M.L. Faunce
  125. Smiles don’t go to waste here.     M.L. Faunce
  126. The place for people, pets, you.     M.L. Faunce
  127. You know you’re welcome here – Gulfport.      M.L. Faunce
  128. Feel the vibe, it’s easy here.       M.L. Faunce
  129. Where no one is a stranger.      M.L. Faunce
  130. Homey slice of living – a gem.      Cheryl Mogul
  131. Treasures abundant, positive aspects galore – Gulfport.      Cheryl Mogul
  132. Community oriented, yet diversified that’s magic.      Cheryl Mogul
  133. Village, green, music, art, dancing, scene.      George Zarillo
  134. First glance…  I could live here!      Vivi Steinfeld
  135. It’s a scene, and everybody’s seen.      Vivi Steinfeld
  136. Eyes widen, bright. Heart open, light.      Vivi Steinfeld
  137. Friendly. Diverse. Inspiring. Caring. Sharing.      Barry Farber
  138. Whimsical wonderful wacky weird winning world.      Carol Shores
  139. Unity and diversity, in real life.      Ellen Williams
  140. Welcome to paradise, now start fishing.      Ellen Williams
  141. Everything you want under one rainbow.      Ellen Williams
  142. Embracing Inviting Oasis Diverse Mystical Vibrant.      Mariah S. Cardozo Thurston
  143. Fab Rad Am Refugees Rising Sunward.      Griffin






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