Gulfport Joins St. Pete for MLK Day

Gulfport Fire Department Lt. Paramedic Gerard Grady, center, stands behind his nephew, Jacobe Tranle, as he leads a group of area fire department first responders, their relatives and residents of Gulfport to represent the city in the Monday, January 15 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in St. Petersburg. Gulfport City Councilperson Yolanda Roman, dressed in a red pullover jacket, assisted. Participating in the parade as a group let’s people know that Gulfport is there “sharing Dr. King’s vision,” said Roman. “It’s a day for peace, love, respect and doing good for others.”

Louis McClanahan, 31, of Gulfport, right, participated in his first Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade by riding on the city’s trolley to the St. Petersburg event on Monday, January 15. In the spirit of King, his big wish for the day and the future is for “everybody to get along.” He was the first participant to arrive and was equipped with warm clothing and a mug of hot chocolate. Parade air temperatures ranged from the low 50s to low 60s with 10 mph winds. Residents on Gulfport’s open-air trolley, first responders from area fire departments and their relatives along with the city’s Engine 17 fire truck combined to represent the city. In spite of the chilly weather, the St. Petersburg Police Department estimated the total crowd size for the parade to be 45,000, which was larger than 2017. Police said “there were no arrests or incidents” and “there were three minor medical calls.”



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