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Gulfport shoppers have noticed a “fresh paint smell” around town these past few months, with the opening and expanding of a few new and old spots. 

Let It Be Ice Cream, a small walk up window in downtown officially opened, along with “More Bazaar,” a next-door extension of the Gulfport Beach Bazaar. Across town, Gulfport Produce reopened after two months of renovations. 

Tiny Treats 

Tina Grello, left, and Janet Impastato opened Let it Be Ice Cream on Tuesday, August 27. The tiny walk up stand can be found at 2902 Beach Blvd. S., and features people- and dog-friendly treats.

In a six-by-six-foot baby blue room, Tina Grello and Janet Impastato made their sweet dreams a reality with the opening of Gulfport’s newest ice cream spot, Let It Be Ice Cream, located at 2902 Beach Blvd. S. 

The walk-up window, squeezed between Gulfport Realty and Red Hot Tiki Spicy Gourmet Market opened officially during the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market on Tuesday, August 27.

“Everyone has a kid inside, and growing up I always wanted to work for myself,” said owner Impastato at the opening. “We’ve had a great response today, a really steady trickle of business.”

The menu, which consists of various fun flavors, alongside dog-friendly cold treats and gluten-free desserts, is curated for Gulfport customers. For now, shoppers will have to check out the tiny shop on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

“We have novelty type of items that you can really just hold in your hand,” Grello said. “It’s something for everybody.” 

The business also has a “words of wisdom” section for visitors to write small notes of positivity. 

“I think we’ll get what we put out,” Impastato said.

Gulfport Produce Gets a New Face

For two months, Gulfport Produce has been closed to the public, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t something happening at the shop on 5133 Gulfport Blvd. S. 

According to owners Sey and Ryan Bernat, the shop had renovations that allow for space, light and better air conditioning for guests. The store reopened on August 11, and put on a shiny new face for return customers and new patrons. 

“Gulfport really turned out for us,” Sey said about Gulfport Produce’s reopening. “The layout is more open, there is a ton more space.” 

Produce shoppers will be greeted by the same fresh fruits and vegetables, along with new packaged grocery items such as pasta, rice and jams. 

Hello, Neighbor! Beach Bazaar Expands Next Door

Gulfport Beach Bazaar, a collective shop located at 3115 Beach Blvd. S., has extended to the space next door, formally Funky Town Boutique. 

Beach Bazaar co-owners, Gini and Mike Fagan, opened their extension officially on July 13, and coined the new spot “More Bazaar.” 

“It was really convenient,” Gini said. “We saw this opportunity and just took it.”

According to Gini, More Bazaar will feature clothing and accessories, while the original shop will have Gulfport-themed knick-knacks and art pieces. 

“People have been really positive, and we’re really loved here in the community,” said Gini. “It’s slow season right now, but we’re going to try it out, see what happens.”


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