Gulfport Murder House Draws Spooked Crowd 

In the dining-room play at the Gulfport Murder House, a group of “college friends” discover the morbid past of one of their classmates. 

Local literary arts organization Wordier Than Thou brought “murder” and the macabre to town with their Read No More Project, which brings local writers’ dark tales to life – in the Gulfport Murder House. 

“A lot of the stories are a little offbeat, but really connect with readers,” said Tiffany Razzano, founder of Wordier Than Thou. 

Gulfport Murder House, located at located at 3009 54th Street South, was open on October 19-20 and 26-27, with tours running from 6, 7, 8 and 9 p.m. nightly.

The writers, Deborah Frethem, Erika Lance, K.L. Nappier and Cathy Salustri, composed short scary pieces that were transformed by the theatrics of local actors. Tour-goers were guided through four different rooms featuring a different play in each new setting. 

The tours, led by Craig Frethem, did not feature the average “jump scares” and lurking hands of a traditional haunted house. Instead, the composed stories were more physiological, leaving long pauses and disturbing narratives. 

Said Frethem to one tour group: “Gulfport could be cursed.”

The group, which puts on literary events around the Bay area, also held a similar event in Tampa, the Ybor City Haunted Theater. 

Find out more about Wordier Than Thou at

Linda Fajvan amused Gulfport Murder House tour-goers with her “ghostly good” acting skills.


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