Gulfport Neighbors Help Clean up Yard

Mark Ottervanger, left and Brian Lambert center, work together to clear plant overgrowth from Ms. Shirley’s yard in Gulfport on Saturday, May 11. 

I just live for these yard cleanups,” said Wolfgang Deininger, volunteer with area non-profit Gulfport Neighbors. On the morning of Saturday, May 11, a group of more than ten volunteers gathered at the home of Ms. Shirley. Ms. Shirley, as she prefers to be called, is 91 and has lived in her Gulfport home for over 50 years. The Gulfport Neighbors have cleaned up Shirley’s yard before. 

“This is the second time they’ve done this,” said Shirley. “But things do grow.”

The crew cut down tree limbs, brush, bushes and more, resulting in a large pile of plant debris. 


Craig Smith, left, walks to the large pile of overgrowth to drop off clippings while Brian Lambert disposes of trash, right. “This is my tenth day in Gulfport,” said Smith. He learned about Gulfport Neighbors through his roommate and decided to volunteer at the cleanup to meet new people.

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