Gulfport Police Officer in Cruiser Crash

Photo courtesy of the Gulfport Police Department

Photo courtesy of the Gulfport Police Department

A Gulfport police officer involved in an accident on Friday afternoon, January 15, came out unharmed, but the police cruiser is said to be “totaled.”

Officer Jason Motte was driving home from Boca Ciega High School where he is one of the school’s resource officers.

According to Police Chief Rob Vincent, Motte was distracted by some construction equipment on the side of the road and rear ended a car while traveling at about 40 mph.

“There were no injuries in the crash other than light burns on Officer Motte’s arms from the airbag,” Vincent said.

Florida State Troopers issued Motte a citation for careless driving and he was subject to a drug screening, which came back negative. Discipline within the Gulfport Police Department is pending, according to Vincent.

Motte has had no other disciplinary action taken against him, but he was awarded a safe driving award just last month.

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