Gulfport: Waterfront Recycling

Q: I’d like to know why the city of Gulfport does not have recycling bins all along the waterfront and at Clam Bayou? I clean up trash on my daily walks and see a ton of recyclables in the regular waste bins. Preserving and maintaining our wonderful waterfront and nature areas and no recycle bins? – David Virtue

A: From Don Sopak, the director of Public Works:
“The city received three beach recycling cans from Pinellas County for our beach area last year. These cans were placed in the beach area and are serviced regularly. Because the cans looked like a regular household trash can (only blue with the county logo) they have been stolen one at a time. Public Works has installed three new blue recycling carts at the beach. There are also two new recycling carts installed in the Osgood Point area. We encourage all users to please not throw trash in the carts (our biggest problem).”

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