Hanna Krassner Celebrates Her 100th

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, Hanna Krassner celebrated her 100th birthday at the Menorah Manor’s Marion and Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center located at 255 59th Street N., St. Petersburg. For more than 25 years, she lived in Town Shores in Gulfport. Photo supplied by her son, Michael Krassner.

By Michael Krassner

Long-time Gulfport resident Hannah Krassner celebrated her 100th birthday on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12 at Menorah Manor in St. Petersburg.

Family and friends helped her celebrate with cakes, cards, food, special visits, banners, flowers and frivolity.

Hannah was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in May 1919 and was one of six children – two brothers and four sisters – so large family gatherings are second nature to her.

Just prior to World War II, Hannah met Ed Krassner. The two married in March 1941. 

After Ed completed his military service in the U.S. Army Air Force, they started their family with their first son, Michael. Ed was a mechanic and Hannah was a homemaker. 

When the war ended, they moved to Miami, Florida where their family grew with the births of a daughter, Abbye, and their second son, David.

In 1961, Ed sought a new career by enrolling in Stetson Law School and the family moved to Pinellas County.

In time, Hannah and Ed moved into Town Shores, where they lived for over 25 years participating in all the local festivities with their friends. They truly found that the relaxed, eclectic nature of Gulfport was their elixir to late-in-life happiness and both benefitted from a community that fostered a sense of belonging. 

Hannah and Ed enjoyed theater, travel, game nights at the clubhouse, watching boat parades, Casino events and much more. 

When Ed died, they had been married for 57 years. Hannah then forged her own identity and carried on as a strong, self-driven woman.

The Invitation

Hannah’s family wants her Gulfport community to know that she loves you all very much. And, if you have a few minutes, she would enjoy for you to visit her at The Marion and Bernard L. Sampson Nursing Center located at 255 59th Street N., St. Petersburg.


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