Holiday Delights Delivered

Local first responders working the pre-Thanksgiving holiday shifts received food gifts on Sunday, November 18 at Gulfport’s Fire Station. A variety of culinary delights include hams and cheeses for sandwiches, a custom smoked turkey, sides, rolls, fresh tomatoes and a homemade carrot cake from a secret family recipe. Another turkey, sides and dessert delivery will be made for those working the Thanksgiving Day shifts on Thursday, November 22. The foods will be stored in the kitchen of the Gulfport Fire Department. Pictured from left are Nancy Caffee, a member of the local Elf Team; Gulfport Vice Mayor Christine Brown; John Riesebeck, owner of Smokin’ J’s Real Texas BBQ; Gulfport Police Sergeant Eva Wiltse, who has 13 years of service with the department; and, Gulfport Firefighter Brian Campbell, who has 22 years of service with the department. “Each shift gets their own carrot cake because they’re not real good about sharing dessert,” said Brown, jokingly.

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