Home Tour Funds Color to Wood Ibis Park

Gulfport Merchants Chamber members and organizers of the Pink Flamingo Home Tour, from left: Back: Scott Linde, Judy Kuhn, Chrisan Herrod, April Thanos, Gerry O’Regan, Mary Hanrahan, Caron Schwartz, Melinda Russell, Missy Leget and Joe Soska.



In May the Gulfport Merchants Chamber 2019 Pink Flamingo Home Tour committee “redecorated” Wood Ibis Park by having all 11 benches painted and moving a swing to provide a more pleasing vista. The park, at 58th Street and 28th Avenue South in Gulfport, is a favorite spot for walkers, dog walkers, bikers and people who just like to sit in the shade. 

“We wanted to give back to the neighborhood that opened its homes to us during the 2019 tour,” said April Thanos, tour co-chair. “We thought the bright colors – turquoise, yellow, orange, and, of course, pink – would make the benches more inviting. The swing was off to the side, and now visitors can enjoy the pond and fountain instead.”

“We especially want to thank Tim Connor, parks and facilities superintendent, for arranging all the work,” added Caron Schwartz, Co-chair.

The Pink Flamingo Home Tour is a major fundraiser for the GMC, which paid for the “remodel” using funds from the tour.


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