Irma Update from the City of Gulfport 

Updated September 13, 2 p.m.

1. Duke Energy is working to have all power back to Gulfport by Friday, but there were some substations heavily damaged that are not quick xes thus still large areas without power throughout Pinellas.

2. Sanitation pickups are back on schedule as of Tuesday, but it may be weeks until all debris piles (placed curbside, without obstruction, in reach of claw trucks) can be removed. There will be no charge for these special pickups provided that it is only downed vegetation. Structural debris should be compiled separately.

3. The Senior Center will be reopened on a limited basis starting Thursday, September 14 due to limited power at this facility. The exercise room will remain closed until further notice.

4. Pinellas County schools will reopen on Monday, September 18. The Gulfport Rec center is open, but daycare operations will resume with school schedule.

5. City Hall is still without power and will not reopen until power is restored, however the public works and emergency services are still up and running. The emergency call center will remain open until power is restored to city hall. Call 727-893-1000.

6. Gulfport will not be charging late fees for the most recently invoiced water/sanitation billing cycle.

7. The Casino, Scout Hall and Public Library remain closed until further notice.

8. There are no boil alerts in place for Gulfport potable water.

9. Please drive carefully. Many traf c lights are still not functioning. Treat these intersections as 4-way stops.

10. This is a major inconvenience for our entire state. Please continue to be respectful and considerate in your interactions with others. Be a helper, not a hindrance.

Visit for more information, or call 272-893-1000. 

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