Iroquois Thanksgiving Address at Sacred Lands

Doris Anderson, Founder of Sacred Lands, introduces Dennis Harrison presenter of the Iroquois Thanksgiving Address. Harrison is surrounded by over 50 people opening their hearts in the name of gratefulness and love. 

Over 50 people inhaled the sage-filled air at Sacred Lands as they presented the “Ohenton Kariwahtekwen,” also known as the Iroquois Thanksgiving Address, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 23 at 1700 Park St. N. 

The ceremonial address is intended as a communal offering of love and gratitude to all of creation. An abbreviated version of the address was offered by Dennis Harrison, a teacher and student of Iroquois and Irish descent. 

Harrison has traveled the world studying under great Native and Irish leaders, healers and teachers. Harrison also belongs to the Mother Earth Project, which encourages people worldwide to commit to sustainable actions, filled with daily acts of saving and protecting the environment. Harrison shared anecdotes of his experiences and teachings of his elders prior to the address.

Traditionally, the full Iroquois Thanksgiving Address is a ceremony that lasts several days, with an abbreviated version being offered before the beginning of important gatherings or when significant matters are to be discussed. 

Said Harrison, the address “brings our hearts and minds together as one.” 


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