‘It’s the Library, Sing Louder’

For weeks prior to the program, teacher Jen Logan worked with the children from SunFlower Elementary school during music circle. Logan is a teacher for “Music Together,” an early childhood music and movement program. She encouraged the children to sing their hearts out. “I know it’s the library,” she said, but “sing louder.”  

Circle of Friends hosted the children of SunFlower private elementary school as they presented a holiday program of song and written word, Thursday morning, December 12 at the Gulfport Public Library. 

The SunFlower school is a small, non-graded (K – 5) elementary school, located at 5313 27th Ave. S. for the last 48 years. 

SunFlower students are grouped in small, multi-grade classes for daily reading, writing, science, math and social studies. Students have opportunities to expand their interests through individual reports and projects, field trips and lots of interaction between children in different groups.

As the program went on the enthusiasm did not wane. The students cheered each other before and after their presentations, showing their love and support for each other, no matter their grade. 

The program included songs in English, Spanish and even a special African song about friendship and family. Children from all grade levels sang together. 

After the song portion, students in grades 3 to 5 were tasked with telling the audience what they like about art, reading or the library. 

“I like the library because it helps me think. Reading at home is like trying to meditate at the zoo,” said Summer Dutka, grade 5. 

Alex Rodriguez (2nd – 3rd grade class): “Read to grow brain, impress your parents.”

Charlie Kate Howard (2nd – 3rd grade class): “It’s fun to read books, no bad books, adventure books, many good books.”

Lilly Ducey (2nd – 3rd grade class): “I love books, no bad book. Go to the library!”

Emery Aviles (4th-5th grade class): “I love the library because it has a lot of books and I love books! I think graphic novels are the best.”





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