Jazz in the Stacks 

Jammin’ at Jazz in the Stacks are members of the Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) faculty at St. Petersburg College inside the Gibbs campus library on April 11, the fourth year of the event.

A crowd of nearly 80 people on the second floor listened to the free hour of a variety of worldly selections from the quintet while students from the campus radio station recorded the event. Others, sprinkled throughout the book stacks inside the entire library, continued their research and studies, tapped their feet or danced. The musicians are Mark Feinman, drums; Alejandro Arenas, bass; David Manson, director, trombone and arrangements; special guest Kenny Anderson playing flute and saxophone who has toured with the Miami Sound Machine; and, John Richardson, piano. Richardson is a SPC graduate who also teaches.

“Out of high school, music students have two established options: classical or jazz,” said Arenas. “MIRA does commercial music to fill the void [between the two] so the students become well versed in three areas: production, performance and composition.”

Sponsors were St. Petersburg College, Friends of West St. Petersburg Community Library, St. Petersburg Library System, and Manson’s EMIT organization, a non-profit that’s been in operation for 21 years funding over 400 concerts and educational workshops in central Florida.

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