Junk in the Trunk Gets a Lift

On Saturday, May 11, Amauris Franko, left, Gulfport Sanitation Department crew leader, works a claw truck’s hydraulic controls as Vice Mayor Paul Ray, right, learns about how Gulfport’s free Junk in the Trunk (JITT) event can save residents money. “At JITT, we can quickly unload private vehicles then use the claw to pick the stuff up from the ground, load the truck and take the items to the dump,” said Director of Public Works Tom Nicholls. Normally, there is a $21 minimum charge if residents call to have large objects like recliner chairs picked up at their homes, he said. “This event can save people money.” JITT is held about twice a year at the Neighborhood Center located at 1617 49th Street S.

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