K9 Deputy Nabs Fleeing Felony Shoplifter

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies K9 Cairo and his handler Dominic Brissett demonstrate how they work together as a team as part of the South Pasadena Fire Department’s open house in January 2018. On Thursday, May 17, Cairo apprehended a felony-shoplifting suspect in South Pasadena who was trying to flee law enforcement.

An unusual supermarket shoplifter was no match for a K9 sheriff’s deputy in South Pasadena on the morning of Thursday, May 17.

It all started shortly after 9 a.m. when Troy Allen Goddard, 41, a transient from the St. Petersburg area, entered the Publix located at 1075 Pasadena Ave. S. He selected 12 food items worth $99.95 before tax then about $200 in razors, said Cpl. Dan DiFrancesco, a public information officer for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. 

Everything went into Goddard’s backpack without payment. 

His actions caught the attention of a store manager who confronted Goddard immediately after he left the store. The manager also called law enforcement.

At first, Goddard thought it would be OK to give the manager his backpack in an effort to return the unpaid for property. According to law enforcement reports, the manager told Goddard, “No, it doesn’t work like that. We’re still going to call the police.”

Next, to flee law enforcement, Goddard ran east across Pasadena Avenue South to a busy commercial shopping area.

When the first Sheriff’s deputy, C. Jones, Jr., arrived, the manager pointed out Goddard from a distance as he was walking in the parking lot of Pasadena Liquors, 1100 Pasadena Ave. S. Jones approached Goddard at about 9:40 a.m. in a marked Sheriff’s Office vehicle with its overhead lights flashing, ordered him to stop and put his hands up. At first, Goddard agreed to cooperate but just before Jones tried to handcuff him, he ran again. 

While tracking Goddard, who was running in circles, Jones called for law enforcement backup including a helicopter, K9 Deputy Cairo and his handler Deputy Dominic Brissett.

During the chase, Jones lost sight of Goddard.

When Cairo, a German shepherd, arrived he picked up Goddard’s trail and ran after him through the Island Way Car Wash, 1234 Pasadena Ave. S. 

“Due to citizens helping law enforcement by pointing,” Jones was able to observe a male jump a wall, said DiFrancesco. As Goddard was running from the K9 team, he tried to hide in the Ace Hardware store, 6874 Gulfport Blvd. S., but was prevented from entering the business by a woman who blocked the doorway.

At this point, Cairo and Brissett caught up with Goddard. Brissett then ordered Goddard to surrender but he “did not give up” and instead chose to flee northbound on foot through the parking lot, said DiFrancesco. Cairo then quickly closed the distance and apprehended Goddard. Other deputies arrested Goddard at 10:07 a.m. for felony shoplifting of merchandise valued at over $300.

As a result of his “poor decision” regarding his style of arrest, Goddard was treated for a minor injury he received from Cairo, said DiFrancesco.

According to court records, after his arrest, Goddard admitted to going into the supermarket with the intent to steal things.

Goddard is also charged with three counts of resisting an officer without violence, has a bond totaling $2,305 and is currently in jail awaiting trial.

“If you see something, say something. That’s what people did,” said DiFrancesco.


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  1. http://thegabber.com/k9-deputy-nabs-fleeing-felony-shoplifter/ – your story is incorrect . The perp, did enter the Ace Hardware, asked where the bathroom was located and went there. Then Upon leaving, the ace hardware associate, noticed the K9 unit in the parking lot, looked at the man who exited the toilet, and was nervously eyeing the sheriff K9 unit. The perp asked the store associate not to I.D. him, the associate did the brave then, hustled outside and pointed him out to the sheriff. The perp tried to flee, but the K9 got him. Good lord, please do your investigative reporting a bit better.

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