Kids and Kubs Finish Official Season Strong

Larry McCurdy, a Kids and Kubs player swings to hit a softball at the league’s last official game of the season on Saturday, March 31.

Local Kids and Kubs teams played their last official game of the season on Saturday, March 31 at North Shore Park. The team will still play Tuesdays and Thursdays through the off season, just without uniforms.

The league (a group of softball players aged 74 and up,) was founded in 1930, with the game of softball being added in 1931 “to be more of a social ‘quitting’ club,” according to the team’s website. In 1938, Kids and Kubs registered as a non-profit and have donated over $190,000 since 1949.

History is no stranger to Kids and Kubs, with each team member having stories to tell.

Meet Player Cleo Stinyard, 83. Stinyard has been coaching and playing ball for as long as he can remember and has played alongside Kids and Kubs president Jon Wilkinson for 23 years.

As a little league coach, Stinyard took a team to the Little League World Series in 1973.

“It was the first all-black team to go to the series,” he said.

Stinyard has retired from coaching and now plays softball with Kids and Kubs. He’s been with the team since 2009. Locally, the league has members as old as 92 swinging, running and catching.

Cleo Stinyard and Denis Krager share a handshake to acknowledge a good game Saturday, March 31 at North Shore Park. 

Gus Tijerino, Cleo Stinyard, Jon Wilkinson, JD Horn, Ed Asay and Helen Bell pose for a photo in the dugout at North Shore Park.


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