Kiosks Bring ‘Information to the People’

Recently, the city of Gulfport installed a second electronic information kiosk in the lobby of City Hall. The first one resides inside an all-weather exterior case at the front of the Historic Casino facing Shore Boulevard. The model pictured is inside City Hall and is designed to display a local calendar of events, a national news crawler and the city’s television station, GTV 640. Regular council, zoning and board of adjustment meetings are broadcast with searchable video archives available on the city’s website, said Justin Shea, cultural facilities events supervisor.

“If the information kiosks are successful, I would like to place one at the front desk of the Catherine Hickman Theater lobby where there is foot traffic Monday through Friday with our senior citizen population,” said Shea. “I envision one at the public works department, the municipal marina and maybe the Gulfport Recreation Center. These digital kiosks are the wave of the future for information technology. It’s a medium to essentially bring information to the people in the city of Gulfport.”

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