Lakewood Students Arrested After Handgun Selfies


Lakewood Students Arrested After Stolen Handgun Selfies 

On January 10, Shortly after 2 p.m., a school resource police officer at Lakewood High School, 1400 54th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, was made aware of a photo on Snapchat of a student, Anthony Williams, 15, posing with a handgun in a school bathroom. The officer immediately detained Williams and soon learned there was another student, Jahad Edwards, 17, who had also taken a selfie photograph with the weapon. Edwards was no longer on campus at this time. Investigators did a sweep of the school with a gun-sniffing K9, including the area where the boys took the photos, but did not locate the gun. On the evening of January 10, St. Petersburg police detectives went to Edwards’ home and recovered the gun. On January 11, police learned the gun had been stolen on December 14, 2016 in a home burglary. A third teen, Dominique Harris, 16, has been charged with armed burglary and violation of probation. Both Williams and Edwards were charged with possessing a weapon on campus. Edwards is facing additional charges including burglary of a dwelling, grand theft and possession of marijuana. Besides the criminal charges, both Lakewood students will also face school-level consequences including the possibility of expulsion. The investigation is still active.

Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run 

St. Petersburg police are investigating a hit and run fatality that occurred on 49th St. near 36th Ave. N. on Monday, January 9. The pedestrian, an adult man, was transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead.

The vehicle, believed to be an older model white SUV, left the scene.The accident area was closed to traffic in both directions for several hours for the investigation. The investigation is ongoing.

A sampling of police reports from December 29, 2016 through January 4, 2017 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Pinellas County Crime Viewer, the Gulfport City Manager’s Report, the Gulfport Police, the St. Petersburg Police and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office


12/29 – A resident in the 2600 block of Beach Boulevard reported during the morning that sometime overnight someone broke a mirror off of his vehicle while it was parked in front of his residence.

12/29 – A resident in the 2500 block of 56th Street S. reported that sometime overnight someone ransacked his unlocked vehicle and stole approximately $10 in quarters.

12/29 – Officer Priest stopped Edmund Borowczyk for speeding on 49th Street S. and discovered his license had been revoked multiple times for drug violations. Borowczyk was arrested for driving while license suspended/revoked.

12/30 – Someone entered an unlocked vehicle in the 900 block of 55th Street S. and stole a small box containing roughly $25 in change and small bills.

12/30 – A resident in the 5100 block of 13th Avenue S. reported that she left her car door open while she unloaded her car and carried items inside her home. When she returned she discovered her purse and phone missing.

12/30 – Officer Ross stopped Richard Daignault for driving on a rim, causing damage to the roadway in the 5500 block of Gulfport Boulevard. Daignault appeared to be intoxicated and became uncooperative during the DUI investigation. He was arrested and while in the back of the police car he began kicking and hitting his head on the rear door window.

12/31 – A resident of Beachway Mobile Home Park reported during the morning that her bicycle was stolen from under her carport sometime overnight.

1/1 – During the morning, a resident in the 2300 block of 52nd Street S. discovered a small dent on his car that appeared to be from a bullet that fell from the sky, apparently from New Year’s Eve celebratory gunfire.

1/1 – A resident came to the police station to report a purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle while it was parked in the 1400 block of 49th Street S. No activity was reported on the credit cards that were in the purse.

1/1 – Officers were dispatched to a report of gunshots heard the 5100 block of Tangerine Avenue. It was determined that the shots originated in St. Petersburg.
1/2 – A resident in the 5200 block of 6th Place S. reported that her bicycle was stolen from her driveway.

1/2 – A Gulfport parent discovered that his 11-year-old daughter had been sent explicit pictures over the Internet and had sexual contact with the sender in Pinellas Park in the recent past. The responding Gulfport police officer contacted the Pinellas Park police and an investigation was initiated which resulted in the arrest of the 28-year-old suspect.

1/2 – A vehicle passed several residents out walking their dog in the 2800 block of 58th Street S. twice, both times throwing a firecracker in their direction. There were no injuries and no tag number was obtained for the vehicle, which fled the area.

• 1/2 – A resident in the 1400 block of 56th Street S. reported he left his car running while he went inside his residence to put away groceries and when he returned someone was driving it away. It was recovered in St. Petersburg later in the evening.

1/3 – A man reported that he had left his Mercedes at a business in the 1800 block of 49th Street S. to get it repaired. The vehicle was parked there for nearly a year, and when he went to pick it up he discovered the registration decal had been stolen from the tag.

1/3 – A resident in the 2600 block of 46th Street S. reported that his car’s driver side rear window appeared to have been shot with a BB.

1/4 – A resident in the 2600 Block of 59th Street S. reported that he saw a male, who appeared to be intoxicated, kick his neighbor’s light which caused the glass cover to fall off and crack. The suspect was not located.

Theft – grand

1/2, 10 a.m., 2400 block of 53rd Street S.

Theft – petit

1/2, 9 a.m., 1800 block of 49th Street S.

Vandalism/Criminal mischief

1/3, 8:35 p.m., 2600 block of 59th Street S.

1/2, 2 p.m., 2600 block of 46th Street S.

South Pasadena


1/2, time unknown, 6800 block of Gulfport Blvd. S.

Burglary – vehicle

1/2, 3 p.m., 1300 block of Pasadena Ave. S.

Theft – grand

1/4, 8 a.m., 1200 block of Pasadena Ave. S.

Vandalism/Criminal mischief

1/2, 6:25 a.m., 6800 block of Gulfport Blvd. S.

St. Pete Beach

Burglary – residence

1/3, noon, 100 block of 2nd Ave.

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