Law Student Helps Condos Go Green 


Whited and her pup, Stormy, with the new recycling container at Golfview Condominium complex.Breanne Whited, a second year environmental law student at Stetson University College of Law, has been working to establish recycling programs at condo complexes in the area that previously did not have them. 

On April 3, Golfview I condos “went green” by implementing an on-site recycling program for its upwards of 70 residential units. Whited collaborated with the condo association board and the team had a recycling program up and running at Golfview in a matter of two months. When all was said and done, Golfview was able to add recycling for $100 less per month than it had been paying previously for trash alone.

“Golfview serves as an example,” said Whited, “that being environmentally friendly can also be economically friendly!”

Whited says she is determined to change the troubling statistic that Floridians and tourists produce 32 million tons of waste per year.

Whited’s next undertaking to reduce waste locally will be to collaborate with separately managed and operated condo complex Golfview II to establish a recycling program there as well. She encourages anyone who would like to start a recycling program in their community to contact her.

“Anything from contacting waste companies to proposing a recycling program to your home owner’s association board,” said Whited. “I’m happy to help. All it takes is a simple step to make a huge difference for our planet and future generations.”



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