Lawyers to the Rescue

South Texas, Tucson, Ariz: “Washington. We have a problem down here. Young children are flooding across the border. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands coming.”

Washington: “Roger that. We’ll send you some more buses to move them about and some lawyers for the children. Expect $1.4 billion. Strategy working. Expect Republicans to cave on amnesty for immigrants bill.”

That’s a fictitious conversation, but a very real problem for South Texas and for Tucson. Immigrants are packing the border and many of them are unaccompanied children. Total “arrests” from October to May, according to the Associated Press, are 148,000 in the South Texas area and 62,000 in Tucson. They’re being dumped by immigration officials in El Paso, Texas and Tucson, Ariz., freed and told to appear for hearings later. Some military bases are being used for housing, but some are just cut loose.

President Obama called it a crisis and his attorney general, Eric Holder, expects to send 100 lawyers to represent the children. Also, there have been requests for $1.4 billion. One federal judge in the area declared that the government has simply chosen not to enforce the border laws. Republicans are indicating support for a form of amnesty for illegals already here, but, the new crisis is a new crisis on top of the old one.

In spite of the fact that America is a racist, bigoted, oppressive society with blood on its hands from its imperialist (until now) policies, people want to come here. No, it’s not those on-the-border Mexicans or Canadians who many in the open borders for North America crowd believe should be allowed to move back and forth. These are immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador who were supposedly attracted by a misunderstood directive from the administration that women and children who have been here would not be deported. Deportations have been curtailed, and it does appear that once you’re here, you’re here regardless of the way you got here.

All in all, not counting the illegal immigration in-flow, the U.S. takes in about 1,000,000 people a year. That’s the legal process and usually includes people with pending jobs or needed skills. The illegal immigrants (not all from south of the border), more often are poor, poorly educated, and fiscally needy. A side effect, too, is the possible health problems with mass import of unvaccinated adults and children carrying many diseases. Health officials just last week issued a warning, but these new immigrants are not being quarantined.

Of course, the reality is that there is a humanitarian crisis on our borders. Children can’t be cut loose without any resources and support, nor can the adults. So, we’re going to have to take care of these new arrivals. The problem is that the more we provide, the more come. The inability, or now, the refusal to control our borders has these consequences. Whatever comes of an amnesty bill for those already here, we’re on the hook for the tab and the job pressures.

Frankly, the whole situation looks political–votes for Democrats from the Hispanic community, pressure on the Republicans to act on an immigration bill. Is it a coincidence that Texas and Arizona, the two hardest hit states, are Republican states? Keep in mind that administration insiders have links to open borders advocates, that the administration is not enforcing the borders, that Holder has declared that illegal immigrants already in this country have civil rights.

In a different twist, conservative Fox News commentator Brit Hume, who works with the immigrants, declared that these tough, resilient, bright and disciplined children who made their way across waste lands, are the kinds of new citizens we need.

The problem is that with an open border we don’t control what we get. Worse, even if we get a comprehensive immigration bill that includes stronger border controls, President Obama, based upon his recent actions, will only enforce laws he wants to enforce. Executive actions means legislative bills have no meaning.


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