Life on the Bright Side: Gulfport’s Colorful Homes

Rizzo, a service dog in training for Southeastern Guide Dogs, hangs out on the porch of Annie Westermann’s Gulfport cottage. “I am not afraid of color,” says Westermann, homeowner. “I remember my grandfather’s house being turquoise. Coming home to my cottage makes me smile.” Westermann, president of the Florida Pioneer Museum, has restored over 20 buildings over the years. She chose Spring Green for her front door, adding, “I think we should embrace the coastal colors.” Photo courtesy of Annie Westermann.

Rain or shine, Gulfport’s splashy homes add color and pizzaz to the city’s streets. Many local homeowners love to show off their personal style through paint, and their creativity fits right into Gulfport’s neighborhoods. From the Octopus Garden home to a Spring Green door, these homes are bold and proudly rocking what resident Annie Westermann calls “coastal colors.” 

Regina Buscemi loves living in her Gulfport home, painted in Caribbean Blue, pale yellow and Terra Cotta. Buscemi and her husband moved to Gulfport one year ago, adding the splashy blue and terra cotta paint to the already yellow home. The colors compliment the octopus decoration, says Buscemi, which gives the property its name: “Octopus’s Garden.” In the next few weeks, a local artist will paint the name on the couple’s house

David Coons and his wife were drawn to their home because of the hues its former owners chose. Coons and his wife purchased the home in March of 2017. “My wife fell in love with the house instantly,” said Coons. A paint appropriately named Aqua Sea covers the majority of the exterior, with accents of dark orange. “It is a vibrant color which helps keep us in this mood for Gulfport’s beach community,” said Coons. “Our neighbors love it!”

Melanie Roberts and her husband Tom purchased their Gulfport home in 2016. They loved the property, but not the color. “It was a very dull, beige-y color and had no landscaping,” said Roberts. The couple spruced up the yard, both back and front and gave the home a Gulfport feel with new paint: Bora Bora Shore and a touch of Certain Peach, for accents. Roberts says both she and her neighbors love the color. “They always drive by and say ‘oh there’s the cute little house,’” she said.



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