Lighting Up Gulfport

Thanks to Public Works Director Don Sopak, Gulfport’s street lights will soon have LED bulbs. These bulbs, which will line every public roadway, replace high-pressure sodium vapor bulbs.

Sopak worked with Duke Energy to get Gulfport’s lights replaced for free. The installation will take a year, but at the end of that year Gulfport will have less light pollution, use less fossil fuels and decrease its power costs.

“It’s really a step in the right direction …There’s no other city in Pinellas County that will have LED lighting on their entire roadways but us,” Sopak said.

LED lights will save Gulfport an estimated $2500 per year. They also start quickly and with less energy, according to Sopak. The bulbs last twice as long as the high pressure sodium vapor lights currently illuminating Gulfport.

“They don’t have that yellow sodium light look to it that we’re all very familiar with,” Sopak said, adding that the cleaner LED light also made it easier to make out details under the light.

The upgrades do not include Tangerine Greenway, several other parks or Town Shores. At Ward One Councilman Dan Liedtke’s request, the city will contact Town Shores about replacing its lights as well.


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