Lights, Camera, Casino: Child Singer Shoots Music Video in Gulfport

Exactly 40 kids were used in the “They’ll Never Know” music video, and the pop-inspired single will be posted on Youtube later this week. 

It was no typical Sunday in Gulfport when singer-songwriter Leon Vincent brought a crowd of 40 child actors along with a film crew to tape his newest song’s music video at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom on September 29. 

Vincent is 11 years old. 

The video, which features Vincent on the domed Casino stage preforming his song, “They’ll Never Know” surrounded by an energetic crowd of pre-teens, will be posted on YouTube later this week. 

“The song, and video, really embodies how hard he works,” said Dawn Ingianni, a member of Vincent’s management team. “Everybody thinks these kids luck into things, but it’s honestly a lot of hard work.” 

The local flair came directly from Vincent’s manager, Camile Barbone, who is a Gulfport resident and pushed for all regional resources to be used for the video. 

“This is really a two-fold video: It’s of course an entertaining music video, but also a commercial for Vincent’s music,” said Ingianni, who was on the management team for Madonna at one point. “We’re just going to really get this out there.” 

The 11-year-old performer plans to continue creating music and influencing the areas. 

“I want to bring larger acts to Gulfport soon,” Vincent said. 

Leon Vincent, an 11-year-old musician, filmed a music video for his song, “They’ll Never Know,” at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom on Sunday, September 29. The young singer-songwriter is a St. Petersburg resident and plans to release the video on YouTube in the next week. 

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