Lions Club Makes Big Food Donation

The Gulfport Lions Club donated food totaling $800 to the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center’s food pantry on this Tuesday, July 23. The donation came directly from Lions Club fundraising efforts, and will last throughout the summer months, which is the hardest season for the food pantry to remain full. Pictured from left to right: Beth Tisdale, second Vice President John McEwen, first Vice President Lynn Kirkman, President Jane Buen, Treasurer Jill Coyn, Senior Center Supervisor Rachel Cataldo and Ron Coyn. 

Gulfport Lions Club members couldn’t make their latest donation to the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center in just one trip this Tuesday, July 23. 

Blue-and-gold-clad club members hauled in $800 worth of donated groceries to the center, located at 5501 27th Ave. S. The enormous load of non-perishables will be available to seniors at no charge, and the donation came just in time. 

“Our food pantry starts depleting in the summer when all the snow birds go back up north,” said Senior Center Supervisor Rachel Cataldo. “The Lions Club made a point to make this donation in the summer, and it will really carry us through the next few months.” 

The club collected nine months-worth of funds from regular pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, the Holiday Craft Fair and the Lions Club Yard sale to make this contribution to the Senior Center’s food pantry. 

Ron Coyn, Lions Club Membership Chairperson and wife, Jill Coyn, the Lions Club Treasurer, scoured all over the local grocery stores around town to collect the hundreds of dollars of non-perishables. 

“It really would have been more like $1,000 worth of groceries, but we used discounts and coupons,” said Ron.

This is the fourth time that the Lions Club has donated to the senior center food pantry – and they say they have no plans to stop.  


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