Local Crime Watch: April 5


A sampling of police reports from March 22 through March 27 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer


3/22 – 911 robbery call from the 200 block of 51st Street S. — A person called 911, said “robbery” and then hung up. This occurred during dismissal at Gulfport Elementary School. Officers checked the area while Commander Farrand called the cell phone number provided by dispatch. After several calls, a juvenile answered the phone. He hung up several times, would not identify himself or tell her where he was located. The juvenile did say that they thought their bikes had been stolen from the elementary school. Officers made contact with Gulfport Elementary School personnel, who knew nothing of any incidents involving their bicycle compound. It was determined that no bicycles were stolen. Officers remained in area until the students left the school.

3/23 – Speeding in the 1500 block of 49th Street S. — Leonard Sermon was stopped for speeding. It was found that Sermon had an extensive driving history despite never having a driver’s license. He was arrested.

3/24 – 911 call in the 5900 block of Bayview Circle S. — Officers responded to a call from a female who said she needed help getting someone out of her trunk. The female provided her address, but when the car alarm started going off she was unable to communicate with the 911 operator so she hung up. The 911 operator called the number back and was able to determine that a man and woman were having an argument, and the boyfriend had locked himself in the trunk of his car. Approximately 40 minutes later, an officer located a spare set of keys and opened the trunk only to find that it was empty. The man was located inside the residence. The officers determined there was no violence.

3/25 – Traffic stop in the 900 block of 49th Street S. — Sergeant Parks pulled over a car because the driver, later identified as Alton Rowe, was not wearing his seat belt. Research of Rowe’s driving history revealed his license had been suspended for narcotics violations and he had two prior convictions for driving on a suspended license. He was placed under arrest for a third offense of driving on a suspended license, a felony due to the priors.

3/26 – Traffic stop in the 700 block of 49th Street S. — Officer Marshall pulled over a vehicle because the license plate was registered to a different car than the one it was attached to. The driver, William Gates, had a suspended license so he was arrested for that and for attaching a tag not assigned. The passenger, Brenden Duffy, was found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and was also arrested.

3/27 – Theft report in the 1600 block of 53rd Street S. – A resident reported that when she left for work, a screen to her sunroom was on the ground. She believes that someone removed the screen. There was nothing missing from the residence and there was no indication that entry was made to the residence. The resident stated that she had just removed, cleaned and replaced all the screens over the prior weekend.

3/27 – Stolen vehicle in the 1800 block of 49th Street S. – A business owner called to report that he had done thousands of dollars of work on a vehicle and he believes that the owner may have used a spare key to come and get the car. The investigating officer spoke with the owner of the vehicle by phone. The owner stated the vehicle must have been stolen because it should still be at the business. The vehicle was officially reported as stolen.

Theft – vehicle

3/22, 6 p.m., 2500 block of 57th Street S

Theft – petit

3/25, 9:40 a.m., 5000 block of Gulfport Boulevard S


South Pasadena

Robbery – armed

3/21, 5:15 p.m., 1400 block of Pasadena Avenue S

Theft – petit

3/25, 11:50 a.m., 1100 block of Pasadena Avenue S


St. Pete Beach

Theft – grand

3/22, midnight, 6300 block of Gulf Boulevard

3/22, 12:30 p.m., 46th Avenue and Gulf Boulevard

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