Local Crime Watch: August 17

A sampling of police calls from Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach from August 3 to August 15.

Fight Over Uber Ride Results in Death

At 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 10, Uber driver Kabir O’Farril Diaz, 38, picked up a paying passenger, Terry Lynn Kimball, 56.

They had a dispute over the route the driver was taking. The driver pulled over to the Quick Pick Foods store, 800 58th St. N., St. Petersburg, and they had a physical altercation. The driver punched Kimball, and Kimball did not regain consciousness.

Kimball was hospitalized with serious brain trauma and later died.

Investigators are speaking with witnesses and Diaz is cooperating. Although Diaz has not been charged at this time, this is still an ongoing investigation.


8/3 Hit and Run: 5000 block of 9th Ave. S. The driver of a pickup truck struck an unoccupied car parked on the side of the road with enough speed to total it. Instead of leaving a note or calling the police, the driver instead drove to his home on the same block. Officers easily found the wrecked truck in his driveway, and the driver – later identified as Amedeo Brancaleoni – admitted to leaving the scene of the crash. He was arrested for the hit and run.

8/4 Missing Adult: 1400 block of 59th St. S. A nurse at Boca Ciega Genesis Nursing Home reported a patient left the facility without their knowledge. The patient was found at a Wal-Mart near Bay Pines Hospital.

8/5 Stolen Vehicle: 5200 block of 9th Ave. S. Victim reported that sometime overnight his black Jet Series scooter was stolen from underneath his carport.

DUI Crash: 6300 block of Gulfport Blvd. S. Officers were dispatched to the 6300 block of Gulfport Blvd. S. for a crash. Melissa Sarra was driving east on Gulfport Blvd. S. when she lost control, drove across the westbound lanes, hit the guard rail and then drove back across Gulfport Blvd. S., where she struck the curb on the south side of the road before stopping just before hitting the fence at Villa Del Verde. Sarra claimed to have swerved because a raccoon was crossing the road. A DUI investigation was conducted and she was subsequently arrested. She provided one breath sample of .102 before refusing a second breath test. She also admitted to taking prescription drugs.

8/6 Theft: 4900 block of 17th Ave. S. Four women entered the store with an empty purse. They walked to the rear of the store and went to an aisle without cameras and began shoving frozen dinners into the bag. The women then quickly left the store without paying.

Burglary – vehicle: 5100 block of 14th Ave. S. A resident reported that someone had entered her vehicle and stolen a purse and wallet.

8/7 Theft: 4900 block of 17th Ave. S. A man entered the store and placed several items into a Dollar General bag. The manager confronted the man when he asked for a second bag and demanded a receipt. The man ran from the store with clothing items stuffed into the bag.

Burglary – vehicle: 5100 block of 20th Ave. S. A woman came out of the Blueberry Patch and discovered that someone had put a hole in the passenger-side window. She did not discover anything missing.

8/8 Warrant Attempt: 4900 block of 13th Ave. S. Police made contact with a woman who had an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to appear in court. After some research, it was determined that a court error caused the defendant to be notified of the wrong appearance date, to no fault of her own. A circuit judge was notified, a new court date was issued, and the warrant was nullified. No arrest was necessary as a result.

Petit Theft: 5200 block of Gulfport Blvd. S. A subject inside the Citgo gas station snatched over $40 in scratch-off lottery tickets and fled the store without paying for them. Video surveillance of the theft was obtained to help identify the bandit.

Burglary: 5300 block of 26th Ave. S. Officers responded to a late reported burglary on 26th Ave. S. Officers arrived on scene and discovered a water pump and an air filter were stolen from in front of the residence. Officers conducted a neighborhood canvass but found no leads in the case.

8/9 Recovered Stolen Property: 4900 block of Gulfport Blvd. S. A citizen found a debit card in a parking lot and turned it over to Officer Sigsbee. He determined that it was stolen in a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office burglary case. The case agent was notified and the debit card was placed into Property & Evidence so it could be returned to the owner.

Grand Theft: 4900 block of 15th Ave. S. A tenant reported her ex-boyfriend stole her jewelry and pawned it at a local pawn shop. The case is being investigated.

8/14, 12:08 a.m., 5600 block of 11th Ave S

8/9, 4 p.m., 4900 block of 15th Ave S

Stolen Vehicle
8/10, 9:45 p.m., 4900 block of Gulfport Blvd S

8/14, 9 a.m., 1400 block of 58TH ST S

8/12, 9 p.m., 2900 block of Beach Blvd S

8/15, 8 a.m., 2400 block of 53rd St S

8/14, 12:01 a.m., 5100 block of Preston Ave S

8/10, 11:59 a.m., 6000 block of Gulfport Blvd S

8/9, 10 a.m., 1300 block of 52nd St S

8/11, 3:35 p.m., 1400 block of 49th St S

8/12, 11 p.m., 4800 block of Del Rio Way S

8/9, 8 p.m., 2300 block of 49th St S

Vandal/Crim Misch
8/11, 7 p.m., 2600 block of Beach Blvd S

South Pasadena

Stolen Vehicle

8/13, 7 p.m., 6400 block of Pelican Dr S


8/13, 9 p.m., 6600 block of Hibiscus Ave S


8/13, 8 p.m., 800 block of Oleander Way S

8/13, 7 p.m., 800 block of Oleander Way S


8/13, 9 p.m., 6600 block of Hibiscus Ave S


8/14, 3:30 p.m., 1800 block of Shore Dr S


8/14, 8 p.m., 7100 block of S Shore Dr S

8/12, 3 p.m., 1800 block of Shore Dr S

8/12, 10 p.m., 6900 block of Grand Vista Way S

8/12, 9 p.m., 7000 block of S Shore Dr S

St. Pete Beach


8/13, 5:24 p.m., Beach Plz & 68th Ave

8/13, 4:30 p.m., 68th Ave & Beach Plz

8/13, 5:26 p.m., 6900 block of Beach Plz

8/13, 5:26 p.m., 6900 block of Beach Plz

8/10, 4 p.m., 3300 block of E Maritana Dr

8/15, 12:56 p.m., 5500 block of Gulf Blvd

8/10, 12 p.m., 5500 block of Gulf Blvd

8/11, 9:30 p.m., 00 block of 46th Ave


8/9, 11:38 p.m., 8600 block of Blind Pass Rd

8/12, 11:16 a.m., 2200 block of Sunset Way

8/13, 3:23 p.m., 7900 block of Blind Pass Rd.

8/9, 11:53 p.m., 4600 block of Gulf Blvd

Vandal/Crim Misch
8/10, 4 p.m., 3300 block of E Maritana Dr

8/13, 5:15 p.m., 3800 block of Gulf Blvd


8/10, 10:55 p.m., Pinellas Bayway & Granada St

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