Local Crime Watch: Feb 13

A sampling of police reports from January 30 through February 7 in Gulfport and South Pasadena.

Sources: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer


1/30 – Burglary/aggravated assault – domestic related in the 6200 block of 10th Avenue South. Officers responded to the report of an ex-boyfriend who forced his way into a home with a baseball bat, threatening both occupants. No one was injured. The ex-boyfriend was located in Clearwater and was arrested for burglary and aggravated assault.

1/31 – Recovered runaway juvenile/assist other agency in the 2800 block of Clinton Street South. Officers received information that a juvenile listed as a runaway out of our city was at a residence in Gulfport. The St Petersburg Police Department also had probable cause for the arrest of the juvenile for an auto theft that occurred in St Petersburg. The juvenile was recovered and arrested. He was transported to the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center. 

2/1 – Burglary to a residence in the 6300 block of Pasadena Point Boulevard South. Someone made entry to a residence by smashing the rear sliding glass door. Once inside, it appears they rummaged through a number of closets and drawers; however, the resident said nothing was taken. 

2/2 – Overdose in the 5000 block of Jersey Avenue South. A person called 911 from a residence reporting someone had overdosed. Officer Janovich responded to the residence and found a person unconscious who did not appear to be breathing. He administered Narcan to the person who then regained consciousness.

2/2 – Burglary to a vessel in the 4600 block of 29th Avenue South. A person reported that someone got on his boat and took several items, leaving a pair of shoes behind.

2/2 – Stolen vehicle – attempted in the 2000 block of 57th Street South. A resident was getting ready for bed when she heard what she believed to be her vehicle trying to be started up on her driveway. She went outside and observed someone sitting in the driver seat of her vehicle attempting to start it. When the suspect saw her, he took off running and was not located. 

2/3 – Aggravated assault in the 5200 block of 18th Avenue South. A verbal altercation that quickly escalated with minor pushing ended with one subject pulling a small black handgun from his pocket and pointing it at the victim. The suspect that was standing approximately 4-5 feet away from the victim stated that he was going to kill the victim before going back into the residence. The firearm was located inside of the residence and it turned out to be a plastic replica. Paul Duncan was arrested for aggravated assault and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

2/4 – Driving under the influence at the corner of 56th Street South and 31st Avenue South. Officer McIntyre was flagged down regarding a driver who was said to be “all over the road.” When Officer McIntyre caught up to the vehicle, he observed that it had a headlight out and an expired vehicle registration. When McIntyre made contact with the driver, Cody Sorenson, he noted that he had an odor of alcoholic beverage on his person but refused to participate in field sobriety tasks and refused to provide a breath sample. Sorenson was arrested for driving under the influence and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

2/5 – Warrant arrest in the 2400 block of 53rd Street South. Rena Quental came to the police department to inquire why police had been at his residence earlier that day. He was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Hillsborough County then was transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

2/5 – Warrant arrest in the 5500 block of Shore Boulevard. While on marine patrol, a male was located with an outstanding warrant out of Hillsborough County. Charles Megan was arrested and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

2/5 – Warrant arrest in Boca Ciega Bay. During a vessel stop, the operator of the boat was discovered to have an outstanding warrant out of Pinellas County. Thomas Babbitt was arrested and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

2/5 – Theft in the 5700 block of Shore Boulevard. A juvenile borrowed a friend’s bicycle and took it to the Gulfport Skate Park where he laid the bicycle down unlocked while he skated at that park. Another male took the bicycle and left a different one in its place.

1/30 through 2/5 – The marine unit was in operation for approximately 16 hours this week. Eight marine citations were issued, one vessel was impounded, one derelict vessel investigation was initiated and three arrests on warrant were made.


2/2, 1:40 a.m., 5100 block of Newton Avenue S

2/2, 1:55 p.m., 900 block of 58th Street S

2/3, 2:37 p.m., 2200 block of Horan Way S

Burglary – residence

2/1, 7:30 p.m., 6300 block of Pasadena Point Boulevard

2/7, midnight, 2500 block of 52nd Street S

Burglary – vehicle

2/2, 11:30 p.m., 5800 block of 7th Avenue S

2/7, 7 p.m., 5100 block of Newton Avenue S

Theft – petit

2/4, 6 p.m., 5700 block of Shore Boulevard

2/5, unknown time, 1200 block of Hull Street S

2/7, 11 a.m., 5200 block of 27th Avenue S


2/4, 7:22 p.m., 5700 block of Gulfport Boulevard S

2/7, 2:16 p.m., 5700 block of Gulfport Boulevard S

Vandalism/criminal mischief

2/6, 4:45 p.m., 1400 block of 49th Street S

2/6, unknown time, 1400 block of 49th Street S

South Pasadena

Theft – petit

2/3, 10:56 a.m., 1200 block of Pasadena Avenue S


2/2, 5:45 p.m., 1000 block of Pasadena Avenue S


2/7, 11:21 a.m., 6900 block of Sunset Drive S

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