Local Crime Watch: Jan 26

A sampling of police reports from January 12 through January 23 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Pinellas County Crime Viewer, the Gulfport City Manager’s Report, the Gulfport Police and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office


1/12 – Officers were dispatched to a report of juveniles involved in fighting in the front yard of a residence in the 5400 block of 11th Avenue S. The group was uncooperative and their parents did not want to pursue charges. They were returned to BCHS and released to the SRO.

1/12 – Employees at Advance Auto reported that a man entered the store and stole a $200 car battery then fled the area in a white Jeep Commander. The suspect was located at his home in St. Petersburg and charges will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s office for prosecution.

1/13 – A resident in the 2800 block of 51st Street S reported that a suspicious vehicle had been parked in the same spot at his apartment complex for several days. A check of the tag revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen in Clearwater several days prior.

1/13 – A resident in the 2900 block of Beach Boulevard S reported her car’s window was smashed and her purse was taken from the vehicle.

1/14 – Officer Novak observed a man smash a glass bottle in the street outside O’Maddy’s in the early morning hours. To avoid a citation for littering he cleaned up the mess and O’Maddy’s staff requested he be issued a trespass warning barring him from the property.

1/14 – Officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of 51st Street S after two men were observed throwing items out of a car onto the street and into a dumpster. They left prior to officers’ arrival and the items were determined to be from a stolen vehicle matching the same description. St. Petersburg Police collected the items as evidence.

1/14 – A resident in the 5600 block of Shore Boulevard S reported someone crashed into his car while it was parked in the beach parking lot the night before and left without leaving a note as is required by law when an unattended parked vehicle is hit.

1/14 – A Boca Ciega High School student reported that her cell phone was stolen in class the week before.

1/15 – Sergeant Parks was flagged down by a citizen at Walgreen’s who pointed out a man sitting in a vehicle that had been driving recklessly in the area and hitting curbs. The complainant suspected the man of driving under the influence. When officers made contact with him, he appeared to be having a medical issue. Paramedics responded and confirmed the man was having a medical emergency requiring him to be transported to the hospital.

1/15 – Sergeant Burkhart observed a man identified as Michael Zarillo sleeping on a bench on Gulfport Beach. Zarillo had an active warrant from Pasco County for aggravated battery, domestic related. Officers discovered during a search that he had marijuana in his possession. Zarillo was transported to the Pinellas County Jail and during a second search, deputies found a bag of marijuana in his clothing. He was also charged with introducing contraband into a jail facility.

1/15 – Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 4800 block of 29th Avenue S after a female visitor got into a verbal altercation with a female resident. The visitor bit and punched the woman before being removed from the property by another resident.

1/15 – Officers were dispatched to the 1800 block of 54th Street S after a caller reported a hawk with a broken wing on the sidewalk. Officers contacted the Owl Sanctuary and the bird was taken to their rehabilitation center.

1/15 – A resident in the 4900 block of 29th Avenue S reported that his unsecured bicycle was stolen by two people walking by.

1/16 – Officers followed up with an employee of a business in the 5400 block of Shore Boulevard S regarding a theft case. The employee identified Steven O’Neill in a photo lineup. O’Neill is currently in jail on a theft charge and is facing additional charges for felony theft.

1/16 – Officers responded to a car crash in the 5000 block of 25th Avenue S. St. Petersburg police were on scene and advised the vehicle was involved in a hit and run crash involving a pedestrian in their jurisdiction. The vehicle crashed into an oak tree while trying to elude St. Pete units causing minor damage. Driver Sean Jackson was taken into custody by St. Petersburg police.

1/17 – The manager at McDonald’s called police to report a disorderly person in the drive thru. Officer Ross made contact with the driver who fled the scene when he was told to park his truck. The rental truck the suspect was driving was later found crashed and abandoned in St. Petersburg.

1/17 – A resident in the 5100 block of Newton Avenue S reported someone entered his two unlocked vehicles and stole a GPS and a radar detector from one, and small change from the other.

1/17 – A resident in the 5300 block of 19th Avenue S reported on that sometime overnight someone entered her vehicle and stole her dog tags, sunglasses and a speaker.


1/18, 7:45 p.m., 5400 block of Shore Blvd. S

1/22, 1:30 a.m., 5400 block of Shore Blvd. S

1/20, 1:00 p.m., 5100 block of 9th Ave. S

Burglary – residence 

1/18, 8 a.m., 5100 block of 9th Ave. S

Burglary – structure 

1/18, 9:01 p.m., 1200 block of 53rd Street S

1/17, 8 p.m., 5100 block of Newton Ave. S

Burglary – vehicle 

1/17, 8 p.m., 5100 block of Newton Ave. S

1/17, 8:30 p.m., 5300 block of 19th Ave. S

1/19, 1:15 p.m., 5400 block of 18th Ave. S

1/19, 1:20 p.m., 4900 block of 9th Ave. S

1/19, 6:39 p.m., 5100 block of Preston Ave. S

1/19, 7 p.m., 5200 block of 10th Ave. S

1/21, 10:10 a.m., 5600 block of 14th Ave. S

1/23, 11 p.m., 1200 block of 52nd Street S

Theft – grand

1/17, 1:15 a.m., 5000 block of 9th Ave. S

Theft – petit

1/15, 3 p.m., 4900 block of 29th Ave. S

1/16, 1:45 a.m., 5400 block of Shore Blvd. S

1/16, 10:56 a.m., 900 block of 58th Street S

1/17, 8:30 p.m., 5000 block of Newton Ave. S

1/19, 10 p.m., 5400 block of 17th Ave. S

1/20, 6:40 p.m., 5100 block of Gulfport Blvd. S

Theft – recreational vehicle

1/20, 10:17 p.m., 3000 block of 49th Street S

Vandalism/Criminal mischief

1/23, 10 p.m., 2600 block of 59th Street S


South Pasadena

Burglary – residence

1/22, 7 a.m., 7000 block of Hibiscus Ave. S

Burglary – vehicle

1/22, time unknown, 1000 block of Pasadena Ave. S

Theft – vehicle

1/16, 8:45 p.m., 1800 block of Sailfish Road S

Theft – petit

1/17, 2:34 p.m., 1200 block of Pasadena Ave. S

Theft – shoplifting

1/17, 1:46 p.m., 6800 block of Gulfport Blvd. S


1/23, 3:35 p.m., 1200 block of Pasadena Ave. S


St. Pete Beach


1/23, 9:41 a.m., 9400 block of Blind Pass Road

Burglary – residence

1/17, 12:30 p.m., 6300 block of 3rd Palm Point Street

1/23, 12:30 p.m., 200 block of S Tessier Drive

Burglary – vehicle

1/15, 5:30 p.m., 2900 block of Sunset Way

1/16, 6 p.m., 2800 block of Pass a Grille Way

1/16, 7:30 p.m., 6400 block of 2nd Palm Point Street

1/21, 12:01 a.m., 1200 block of Boca Ciega Isle Drive

1/21, 8:45 p.m., 900 block of Boca Ciega Isle Drive

1/23, 12:30 a.m., 400 block of 59th Ave.

1/23, 10 a.m., 5900 block of Bali Way N

1/23, 10 p.m., 5900 block of Bali Way N

Theft – grand

1/22, 6:22 p.m., 4600 block of Gulf Blvd.

Theft – petit

1/22, 10 a.m., 5000 block of Gulf Blvd.

1/22, 12:54 p.m., 5000 block of Gulf Blvd.

Theft – vehicle

1/18, 9:33 p.m., 5200 block of Gulf Blvd.

1/21, midnight, 1000 block of Boca Ciega Isle Drive

1/21, 2:00 p.m., 5300 block of Gulf Blvd.

Vandalism/Criminal mischief

1/19, 11:05 p.m., 5500 block of Gulf Blvd.

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