Local Crime Watch: May 24

A sampling of police reports from May 10 through May 15 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer


5/10 – Warrant arrest in the 2700 block of 57th Street South. Linda Morgan was arrested for an outstanding warrant for failure to appear for reckless driving. She was transported to Pinellas County Jail. 

5/10 – Animal call in the 2800 block of Beach Boulevard. A resident was walking her dog down an alleyway when an unleashed dog ran out of a garage and attacked her as she was trying to get over a fence. The owner of the dog was issued an ordinance violation for dog at large. 

5/10 – Theft of utilities in the 5500 block of 13th Avenue South. Someone apparently reconnected a water line after the meter was removed due to non-payment.

5/10 – Runaway juvenile in the 900 block of 58th Street South. A St Petersburg resident reported that their daughter, who attends Boca Ciega High School, did not return home from school. The father explained that his daughter had gotten into trouble at school and did not want to face the consequences at home. She returned home later in the evening.

5/11 – Disturbance in the 1400 block of 58th Street South. A person walked into a business and asked for water. When the visitor in the business was asked to leave and would not, a verbal altercation ensued and the businessperson called for assistance. Peace was restored.

5/11 – Warrant arrest in the 4900 block of 31st Avenue South. Officers responded to a trespassing call. A resident wanted Dwayne Dalton trespassed from his property. When Officer Palazzolo conducted a records check for Dalton, it revealed that he has two warrants for his arrest for failure to appear on traffic charges. Dalton was then arrested and transported to Pinellas County Jail. 

5/12 – Arrest on warrant/narcotics possession in the 5300 block of 17th Avenue South. While attempting to catch a stray dog in the alleyway near this location, Officer Nicita located two juveniles smoking marijuana in a vehicle parked in the back yard of a residence. One of the juveniles was arrested for multiple felony warrants and the other was arrested for possession of paraphernalia.

5/12 – Driving under the influence (DUI) in the 2200 block of 49th Street South. Richard Brichett was stopped for failing to maintain a single lane. A DUI investigation was conducted and Brichett was arrested. He is believed to have been under the influence of narcotics and a urine test is pending. 

5/12 – Violation of probation in the 5200 block of 18th Avenue South. Edward Vasquez was stopped for not having any lights on his bicycle. He is currently on felony probation for aggravated battery and was out after his curfew of 10 p.m. He was arrested for the probation violation.

5/13 – Burglary to a residence in the 2100 block of 56th Street South. A resident reported that the day before, he woke up to find a man that he met at a bar months ago standing in his room. The man had broken into the house through a sliding door and asked the resident for money. He gave the man $12 and walked him out of the house. When the resident woke up the next day he realized the man had stolen several items from his house.

5/13 – Arrest on warrant in the 5000 block of 9th Avenue South. Officers Ramos and Carter stopped Joseph Keifer for riding his bicycle at night without lights. A records check revealed that Keifer had an outstanding warrant issued by Dakota County in Minnesota for receiving a stolen vehicle. Keifer was arrested and transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

5/15 – Disorderly conduct in the 2200 block of 53rd Street South. Officers were dispatched to an injunction violation at an apartment complex where a person was banging on his neighbors’ door, waking them up. When officers arrived, David Knoll was yelling and throwing things around the common area because he could not get a cigarette. There was no injunction violation, however Knoll was issued a trespass warning previously for the front of the residence. Knoll was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

5/15 – Crash at the corner of Gulfport Boulevard South and 52nd Street South. A Miller Lite delivery truck attempting to turn south onto 52nd Street South turned too sharp and clipped the electronic crosswalk sign at the southwest corner. The sign broke off its mounting arm. The delivery driver was cited for careless driving. 

5/15 – Disturbance in the 4900 block of 12th Avenue South. A resident called advising someone had taken her children from her residence and then hung up. Officers were able to make contact with the caller and the father of her children. It turns out the father had the two of them and that the two parents were having a custody dispute. The children were returned to their mother and she did not wish to pursue the incident further. 

5/15 – Assist citizen at Gulfport Elementary. Principal Hathaway reported that a student had not been picked up from school yet. The child’s parent was at the hospital due to a medical emergency so Officer Palazzolo transported the child home where a guardian was present to care for the child. 

5/15 – Criminal mischief in the 1100 block of 55th Street South. A resident reported that water has been poured into their gas tank.

5/10 – 5/15 – The marine unit was on the water for approximately six hours this week. Officer Marshall made contact with 15 boaters, conducted five vessel stops and five safety checks.

Vandalism – criminal mischief

5/14, 8 p.m., 1100 block of 55th Street S


South Pasadena

Theft – petit

5/15, 11:50 p.m., 800 block of Pasadena Avenue S


5/13, 5:30 p.m., 1000 block of Pasadena Avenue S

5/14, 4:15 p.m., 6800 block of Gulfport Boulevard S


St. Pete Beach


5/14, 2:44 a.m., 6800 block of Sunset Way

Theft – grand

5/13, 9:02 a.m., 5500 block of Gulf Boulevard

Theft – petit

5/10, 6 a.m., 600 block of 69th Avenue

5/13, 2:52 p.m., 7200 block of Coquina Way

5/13, 5 p.m., 6800 block of Beach Plaza

Theft – vehicle

5/15, noon, 5000 block of Gulf Boulevard


5/14, 5:31 a.m., Corey Avenue and Mangrove Avenue

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