Local Crime Watch: May 31

A sampling of police reports from May 18 through May 29 in Gulfport.

Source: Gulfport Police Department. 


5/18- Disturbance in the 5500 block of Shore Boulevard South. Officers were dispatched for a disturbance involving 2 people arguing. When officers arrived one of the participants said she felt as though the other individual had hit her vehicle. Officers were able to restore order and both people went their separate ways. 

5/19-  Disturbance at 5013 Gulfport Boulevard South. A customer at Save A Lot returned to the store claiming she had been given a counterfeit $5 and wanted it exchanged. When the manager told her that he would not exchange the bill, she caused a commotion and the manager requested that she receive a written trespass warning. 

Disorderly conduct in the 3100 block of Beach Boulevard South. Officer responded to the area reference an intoxicated woman who was said to be in distress. The caller stated that the woman was nude and swimming in the water between Williams Pier and the Gulfport Casino Dock. Officers located the swimmer, who was intoxicated, but explained that she had lost her swimsuit in the water and refused to exit the water until she could be covered. After finding clothing for her, she was seen by fire rescue and taken home by friend. 

Trouble with juvenile in the 5000 block of 12th Avenue South. Officers responded to a disagreement between a mother and daughter. The mother said her daughter is on house arrest and suspected a neighbor was bringing her cigarettes. The two were separated without incident.                                                                           

Suicidal person in the 1000 block of 59th Street South. Officers were dispatched for a suicidal person that had already left the residence. The reporting party told the officers that a man made statements and also said that he was going to shoot officers who attempted to make contact with him. The man came back to the house a short time later and refused to cooperate with officers. He was taken into custody under the Baker Act without incident.                                                                                                 

5/20- Criminal mischief in the 5600 block of 30th Avenue South. A resident reported that his girlfriend was intoxicated and angry at him, so she smashed the windows on his vehicle. He did not wish to press charges.

Burglary to a vehicle in the 2900 and 3000 blocks of Beach Boulevard South. Sometime overnight someone smashed the driver’s side windows on seven vehicles stealing cash and other items from within. Benjamin Langkamp Jr. was arrested on 5/25 and charged with these offenses.

5/21- Dog at large in the 5000 block of 14th Avenue South. A resident reported a dog at large – the dog had apparently scratched the calling party’s leg. The dog then approached officers aggressively, forcing Officer Clague to use his Taser. The Taser calmed the dog down and the owner was located through microchip identification. He was cited for dog at large. Animal Services has been notified of the injury.

Armed robbery in the 1200 block of 49th Street South. A man reported that while he was walking to work in the area indicated he was robbed at gunpoint. There is limited information available for follow up on this case.

Warrant arrest in the 5900 block of Gulfport Boulevard. Officers made contact with Shane Trauger due to a reported disturbance. While conducting a records check for Trauger it was discovered that he had two outstanding Writs of Bodily Attachment for non-payment of child support. He was taken into custody and transported PCJ.

Theft in the 1900 block of 49th Street South. An employee of a repair shop was terminated, but stole a set of keys to a customer’s vehicle before he left the business. He then contacted the customer and told him he return the keys for $100.

5/23- Battery in the 5300 block of 21st Avenue South.

Officers were dispatched to an in progress fight. Two roommates were fighting; however, neither one of them wanted to prosecute nor did they sustain any injuries. They agreed to separate to cool off.


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